The Office of State Lands and Investments is happy to announce the availability of our eRMA2 Test Environment. This environment will allow reporters to submit reports to this test environment prior to submission to the Live Environment. If you would like to request access to the eRMA2 Test Environment, or have any questions, please contact Billie Underhill at

ASCII File Name Instructions

ASCII Set Up Requirements

eRMA2 Agreement

eRMA2 Change Form

eRMA2 Change Form Procedure

eRMA2 Enhancement Memo

eRMA2 Login

eRMA2 Policy and Procedure

eRMA2 Rejection Memo

eRMA2 User Manual

Product Codes

Sale of Assets Checklist - New Company

Sale of Assets Checklist - Purchaser

Sale of Assets Checklist - Seller

Royalty Policies

Border and Buffer CA Policy

Border and Buffer CA Policy Reporting Template

Computation of State Royalties

Division Orders and Wyoming W-9 Policy

Gas Support Media Template

Mineral Royalty Reporting Guidelines

Minimum Annual Royalty

Monthly Natural Gas Flaring Reporting Template

Natural Gas Flaring Policy

Natural Gas Flaring Reporting Template Policy

Oil Support Media Template

On Lease Fuel Usage Policy

Posting of Funds

Reporting Gas Production Volumes

Royalty and Operator Report Cover Sheets

Unit Support Media Template

Royalty Reporting Seminar Information

Royalty Reporting Seminar Information

Training Videos

Introduction to eRMA2

Reconciliation Issues